About Us

Like our concepts, our team is also young.
Young Means
Fresh thoughts…
Fresh Ideas…
Fresh Happniess….
We are worried about the quality of Indian Houses delivered by many unprofessional builders for an exhorbitant price to customers.
Instead of complaining about builders in Indian Real Estate, we came out with a cool solution: “HomePlanGuru” to help Indian Customers to get Homes on par with Developed Countries Homes in Quality at lower or same price.
We are in India at the right time.  Every year, thousands of young graduates dream about a Home as soon as they join a job.  We are here to assist them as well others to get high quality home at lower cost.
‘Hope’ is the best word we have for Indian Homes to become on par with Developed Countries’ Homes.
Communication Address:
First Floor, New # 2,
Voltas Colony, Second Street,
Chennai – 600 061
Phone: (044) 4358 5013
Mobile:(+91) 9840 153501
Email – team@homeplanguru.com